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1:3 scale Red European Renault 4 Car
from the movie Team America: World Police
(Paramount Pictures, 2004)

This is another puppet scale car from Team America. This is a little European car seen in the Paris scene at the beginning of the movie (it's a 1960's model Renault 4). During the scene when the boy is walking with the ice cream, you see a blue car drive behind him. That's this car. They re-painted it red (you can see the blue in the scratch above the windshield), but I'm not sure if it was used after the repaint (I don't recall seeing a red one while watching the movie).

It's a neat little car, it has an interior made of styrofoam (dash board, front and rear seats), the headlights actually work, but the steering does not (the front wheels are screwed in the forward position, but I could make them steer easily if I want to). Lots of little details, all of which appear to be hand-made (door handles, trunk latch, bumpers, front grill, little grill under the windshield, steering wheel...) The headlights you see are the actual glass of the bulbs themselves. Even the hub caps are custom made and attached to what looks like wagon weels.

Screen capture as seen in the movie

The front windshield is just laying in place, so you can get inside it easily:

The back (which should have a window glued in place, I took the pictures before
I fixed that) also comes off by removing screws hidden beneath the 'hinges' and
the reverse lights (which are just held on with Velcro).
The wires are for the headlights (120 volt 50 watt mini-spotlights!).

I also found a little flourescent light inside of it which can be used to illuminate the inside:

All screen captures from the movie are Copyright 2004 Paramount Pictures.