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Original Model Jet Engine used for creating mold
from the movie Team America: World Police
(Paramount Pictures, 2004)

This is pretty cool: It's the original hand-made model of the 'full-scale' jet engines used on several of the Team America vehicles. These engines pop out of a hidden compartment on both the Lamborghini Limousine and the Team America Hummer. To make these, an original model was fabricated from what looks like large PVC pipe, wood, a paint can lid and some other items I haven't identified. Once it was finished (as seen below), it was used to cast a rubber mold that could be used to make resin copies (much easier than trying to build 6 or more of these things). If you look closely, you can see what looks like little white flecks stuck between the black PVC pipe and the brown wood/cardboard section. These flecks are little peices of the rubber mold material that stuck to the model when it was cast.

This is a kind of 'complicated' mold, so it was made in pieces. The 'turbine' section comes out and was made into a seperate mold by itself. Now there's less angled surfaces inside the turbine area on the larger piece, which makes the mold creation a little easier. I'm assuming this was a 3-piece mold for this part.

And here's the little turbine piece by itself, which is built onto a paint-can lid

Here's the back side of the model. You can see a line all the way around it that represents where the two halves of the mold would come together. Also, to further prove this is the original model, the large groves that have been routed into the side all the way around the engine are unique (each one has a little extra nick, scratch or roughness to it). I have two of the screen-used engines in my full-size Hummer body, and I was able to match these imperfections exactly to this model on both engines. I know of six of these for sure (my two, two more in another Hummer and the two used in the Limousine).

Here's some screen caps of these engines from the movie, you can see
other details that were added to them as well:
Lamborghini Limousine:

Hummer H2 (this is the one I have):

Hummer H2 (this is a different Hummer with non-moving engines):

All screen captures from the movie are Copyright 2004 Paramount Pictures.