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1:3 scale Hero Hummer H2
from the movie Team America: World Police
(Paramount Pictures, 2004)

This is the main puppet-scale Hummer H2 vehicle used in the opening Paris scene and throughout the Cairo scene when they are chasing the terrorists. Interior shots and 'effects' shots of the engines opening and guns operating where done with different Hummer bodies, this was the one used for all the other scenes that used a full puppet-scale vehicle (several miniatures and remote-control vehicles where used for distant and aerial shots). This is a fairly large prop, measuring just over 5 feet long, made mostly of fiberglass with a steel frame.

As you can see in the following images this vehicle has opening doors, moving rear-view mirrors, operational police lights and mounts for all 8 missiles (several of which were re-purposed for other scenes it appears). The tires are actual rubber tires used for small riding lawnmowers and such and there's a tiny Jack-in-the-Box antenna ball on one of the antennas (this can be seen in the movie too). Machine guns can be mounted out of the headlights, but they have to be glued/bolted in place, so I've opted not to install them. This hummer also features the fully functional front-hood ramp used to launch the terrorists into the Egyptian Sphynx statue at the end of the Cairo chase scene.

Underneath the hummer you can see the mounting post used in the tracks that is visible in the Paris scene during the movie. Also, next to the front wheels you will see two blue objects, these were connected to an air-pump and would blow air on the ground by the tires to stir up the dirt and give the impression the vehicle is traveling much faster than it really is (this trick was also employed by the small remote control vehicles used in some scenes.) The front wheels do steer (and the steering wheel turns, but it's not connected strong enough to actually turn the tires), and it was originally built with 4-wheel independent suspension, but at some time during the production the wheel supports where welded into place so this no longer works (but the shocks and support springs are still installed...).

The rockets and their mounts can be completely removed as well as the jet engines. The blue plates with the stars attached to the jet 'nacelles' can be removed and attached to the Hummer to give it a 'pre-valmorphanized' look as seen in the Paris scene and when it first launches out of the Osprey in cairo.

Doors open:

Here it is as the ramp is opened, revealing a nice air-brush painted engine:

These two pictures shows the guns that can be mounted out of the headlights
and some detail that can be easily screen matched:

Notice the large 'scuff' under the small headlight above? I always thought that was an actual
scuff caused during filming, but it's actually silver paint applied to give the appearence
of paint scratched off of metal. This was also done to the guns, and all over the front and
back bumpers of the hummer.

Here's a bunch of screen shots from the movie of the hummer:

Cairo chase:

Using hood ramp to launch a terrorist:

Interview footage with Lou Zutavern (Model Shop Coordinator):
(Ignore the spelling error in the screen shot...)

And these are three publicity images:
The first one shows the hummer with the film makers Matt Stone and Trey Parker.
The second one is a behind-the-scenes action shot during filming.
And the third one is a publicity still with the Chris marionette posing in front of the hummer.
(Click on any of the three images to view a larger version of it.)

All screen captures from the movie & interviews and publicity stills are Copyright 2004 Paramount Pictures.