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Team America Hummer H2 Body with Interior Detail
from the movie Team America: World Police
(Paramount Pictures, 2004)

This is a 1:3 scale (puppet scale) Hummer H2 body used for interior shots. This Hummer was used during any close-up shots of the marionettes or any interior shots (like looking out the windshield from a back-seat point of view). The interior dashboard is completely detailed with a fake speedometer and GPS display that light up, a series of green LEDs, a really nicely detailed steering wheel and gas/break pedals. The top and sides of the Hummer can be removed to allow a camera to easily get inside the vehicles for these views. Some of the little metal plates and screws can be seen on-screen.

Here's the top off looking down inside it:
(Notice the large round hole in the center console where the 'Valmorphanize' button should be.
The button did not come with the Hummer when I got it, maybe it's in the Limo setup which had the same button.)

Dashboard lit up (hard to photograph with my camera...)

Close-up of the GPS display, accurately showing them in Egypt. :)

And some screen shots using this particular Hummer body:
Notice the screws on the door at the top of the last picture...

All screen captures from the movie are Copyright 2004 Paramount Pictures.