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Gary's 'Training Books'
from the movie Team America: World Police
(Paramount Pictures, 2004)

I wasn't sure what to call these, but they are the books that Gary has sitting on his table in the library during the 'Montage' training scene in the movie. The most recognizeable one is of course 'An Actor Prepares'. This is the actual book that the Gary marionette is holding in this scene (it still has a little sticky residue left over from being stuck to the puppet's hand). The other two are sitting next to him on the table, but are harder to see.

Here it is positioned a little better like in the movie. The inside is
a real little book with a photo-print cover made and put on it.

These are real little books also, just sitting on his desk. The little
white one is a real Russian book from Cold War era Russia I'm pretty sure.

And here's a couple of images of Gary holding the book
(and you can kind of make out the other two as well)

All screen captures from the movie are Copyright 2004 Paramount Pictures.