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Gary's Bookshelf with Books
from the movie Team America: World Police
(Paramount Pictures, 2004)


This is Gary's bookshelf from his dressing room complete with most of the books (and some extras). I got the books seperately from the shelf itself, and I've been able to screen-match many of them, and put them back in their place. There are some I don't seem to have, and there are several extras I do have that I don't see in the film. After putting everything back where it was seen on screen, I just randomly placed the extras. On the picture at the bottom I've underlined the ones I've screen-matched for sure.

There are four large groups of books that are the same height... It's pretty easy to tell that these are actually one piece made to look like several books. All the individual books are little blocks of styrofoam with the book covers added to them.

Some great titles too: 'Poison Recipes', 'Manners', 'More Manners', 'Measuring Your Soul', 'K. S. Original Gangsta', 'Dealing with Insects & Worms', 'Physical Interrogation', 'Dredging the Nile', 'Understanding Tornadoes', 'Renting and Leasing' (research for his part in the play 'Lease'?), 'Vacuum Chamber', 'Combat Psychology', 'No, Thanks!', 'Wake Up!', 'The Cow Man', 'Degrading Things', 'The Killer'... Etc... :)

Screen caps from the movie (with the bookshelf brightened to make it easier
to see. You can see that some books match perfectly, but not all of them...)

Here's a photo of my prop with the screen-matched books underlined in yellow:

All screen captures from the movie are Copyright 2004 Paramount Pictures.