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Film Actors Guild Conference Props
from the movie Team America: World Police
(Paramount Pictures, 2004)

These items are a group of props that were seen in the Film Actors Guild (F.A.G.) Conference room when Alec Baldwin is rallying up all the actors to join his cause. The pieces consists of a hand-made microphone, a water jug with a custom made solid aluminum top (and some fake rubber ice cubes, I added water to it for the photo). There are also two metal cups (which are cake-decorating tips with bottoms welded to them) and a round, aluminum serving tray. There were 4 sets of these placed around the conference room in front of the principle 'actors'. Each 'actor' also had a small pad of paper (with the F.A.G. logo printed on it) and a small resin pen placed in front of him (which you can make out in the photograph of George Clooney below, but are hard to see on screen in the movie).

There is actually a little hole in the spout so you can pour the water if you want to...

F.A.G. pad of paper and pen:

Some screen shots and a production image:
(Yellow circles indicate two of the four sets of props)

All screen captures from the movie are Copyright 2004 Paramount Pictures.